Staying at Tamara's - George Ezra

Staying at Tamara's

George Ezra

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2018-03-23
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2018 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


Play Title Time Download
Pretty Shining People 3:32  
Don't Matter Now 2:56  
Get Away 2:34  
Shotgun 3:21  
Paradise 3:42  
All My Love 2:40  
Sugarcoat 3:22  
Hold My Girl 3:31  
Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit) 3:32  
Only a Human 3:34  
The Beautiful Dream 4:29  


  • Amazing

    By Momanger
    I love this song so much
  • Shotgun is the best song in this

    By RipRocket29
    Ezra is good
  • Ok but I could do better🤘

    By @RickSav-DefLeppard
    Listen don’t get me wrong I like SOME of the songs but my band could do this no sweat. But otherwise don’t get discouraged George you keep at it. -Rick Sav
  • Great

    By Stickygreeen
    Personally love it so does my family
  • Absolutely Amazing!!

    By Jwatt124
    Love this album!
  • The best track of all time!

    By MG oh wait
    George Ezra is one of the best musical singers. He has made so many great tracks, this is just one of the best tracks of music he’s made yet!
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    By nico643
    Love it just Love it Best song ever
  • What the hell?

    By holt369
    This song is horrible!
  • Another Great One!

    By powersl0618
    I mean honestly, did you expect any different? Perfect. Such a great sophmore album. One you can listen to again and again as the soundtrack for a great road trip.
  • Not his best work

    By The Beatles 1234
    Believe me, I am a huge Ezra fan for a long time but this album was very disappointing for me, a lot of the songs are really cheesy and follow the pop trend. I thought him traveling to Tamara’s place was going to give him inspiration to create something deep, beautiful, uplifting, and overall full of feeling but what we got was this. When he first released “don’t matter now” I was a little concerned because it was a really basic song but I didn’t mind this since summer was arriving at the time this song was released. “Paradise” was released after that and I really liked the song, not as much as his other songs he released before but still good with not bad lyrics and a nice combination with his voice and instruments. I don’t remember what song came after that but when they released “saviour” I was convinced that this could be a really good album, it had that powerful voice of his with a serious tone in the song that made you feel “I can do it”, it’s a really good song and if there is a song I compare it to in wanted on voyage it would be “did you hear the rain” and “spectacular rival” it just sounded awesome overall. But then this is where everything goes downhill; none of the other songs when the album was fully released stood out, they all sounded bland, uninspired, and repetitive overall. I would say the worst song in this album would be “shotgun”, this is the perfect example of the run in the mill pop song that every artist releases. The song “only a human” is pretty ok but gets ruined by his unnecessary profane use of the “f” word, the song would have a more complete and deeper meaning without this word. His song “pretty shining people” is uplifting with solid vocals but repetitive lyrics, it’s an ok song. Other than that the rest of his songs are forgettable. I’m glad he is doing different things but I hope he learns that this “pop sound” Is not the way to go and should try different things that can work for him. Overall it’s an ok album with very few good songs. If there is one piece of advice I could give him it would be to create songs without repetitive lyrics and to write songs with a more long lasting impact than what you wrote for “shotgun”; how you want to make it sound would be up to you just stay away from the pop trends because those things will never last for a lifetime. Most of his songs in wanted in voyage will be remembered throughout the years to come as beautiful pieces of art, this however will not.

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