Part of the Light - Ray LaMontagne

Part of the Light

Ray LaMontagne

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2018-05-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2018 Stone Dwarf LLC, under license to RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertain


Play Title Time Download
To the Sea 5:11  
Paper Man 4:25  
Part of the Light 4:20  
It's Always Been You 5:37  
Let's Make It Last 4:27  
As Black As Blood Is Blue 4:45  
Such a Simple Thing 4:58  
No Answer Arrives 5:14  
Goodbye Blue Sky 7:04  


  • What happened?

    By AlittleBitofThisandAlittleBitofThat
    I can appreciate artists branching out but I really, and I mean REALLY disliked this album. I have been a fan for over a decade but this almost turned me away. I went to the concert and was so disappointed and physically unhappy with the music that I literally had to blast his old classics on my stereo to purge my ears of whatever this is. I’m sorry, Ray. I know some people love it, I just am not one of them.
  • Original and familiar, all at once

    By Findela
    I was drawn in by Such a Simple Thing, which breaks my heart and moves me each time I listen. But then, there is more. Forget what you think you know about Ray Lamontagne and listen with a fresh ear. There is something familiar - reverb used in many of the tracks that is reminiscent of the best sounds of the 70s (think Dark Side of the Moon) - but yet completely original and fresh. I haven’t been as intrigued by a new album in a long time. The first time I listened was today, yet this album feels like an old friend. Suspend your expectations and enjoy Ray’s evolving sound.
  • Ethereal

    By Jenny katt
    The mountains are calling and unfortunately I cannot go. So I decided to listen to this, closed my eyes, and for an hour time stood still. Beautiful.
  • Good ol' Ray.....

    By Music Heals...
    Excellent album...
  • Part of the Light

    By wiffle ball legend
    As a previous reviewer noted I appreciate his last album and his effort into exploring new sounds. I hope he does it again. But this is why I listen to Ray at this point in his career. Thanks Ray!!
  • Ray " the voice " LaMontagne

    By webersfca
    He , Ray arguably is in possesion of the most beautiful singing voice in music period ! Woman or man , this gentleman's voice and timing is unparalled by any other of our great singers... this record is worthy me thinks... Thanks Mr. LaMontagne with sincerety
  • Stick to the acoustic sound!

    By Dancamman
    Saw Ray last night in St. Louis. Kept waiting and waiting for him to get to the stuff I like. Never happened. Pretty sure he played this entire album. I understand you are trying to sell a new album, but man, ya gotta mix some of your hits that got you there too. Way too much electric synthesized in your face sound on this one. He should stick to what he does best. His voice is so smooth but I couldnt hear his vocals half the time for all the other electric junk covering him up.
  • Little to be Desired

    By Charmin TP
    Definetly not his best album. So much reverb. Songs are long an drawn out. "It's always been you" is the absolute worst song on the album. Can I get my $10 back?
  • Ray's most versatile album

    By Part of the Light
    Part of the Light is Ray's most versatile album yet. It feels like a sampling of all of his major albums so far weaved into one. For those who are fans of his early work exclusively, that is bad news. But for those who have enjoyed the progression of his sound through Supernova and Ourboros, it is a delight. For most songs on the album, there are aspects from all of his albums present in different degrees. For example, 'Such a Simple Thing' most clearly associates with his album 'Trouble,' but with some added twang and reverb. Then on the other hand you have songs like 'Paper Man' that would clearly associate with Ouroboros, yet with vocals more reminiscent of 'Till the Sun Turns Black.' On the whole, I consider this to be a good thing that presents a new experience. It is in some respects more than the sum of its parts, and nowhere is that more evident than in 'Goodbye Blue Sky.' But there are other ways in which it is also less than the sum of its parts too. 'Trouble' and 'Ouroboros' each have a beauty of their own, and when they are mixed together, some of that beauty is lost--whether the reflective simplicity of his earlier work or the anxious release (Ray's intentional oxymoron) that is Ouroboros.
  • Finally

    By HeatherNicholas
    Finally a complex brilliantly considered album again from Ray Lamontagne and crew! Well done! Great for a cerebral moment. Thank you!

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