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Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-11-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2017 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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...Ready For It? 3:28  
End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & F 4:04  
I Did Something Bad 3:58  
Don’t Blame Me 3:56  
Delicate 3:52  
Look What You Made Me Do 3:31  
So It Goes... 3:47  
Gorgeous 3:29  
Getaway Car 3:53  
King of My Heart 3:34  
Dancing With Our Hands Tied 3:31  
Dress 3:50  
This Is Why We Can’t Have Ni 3:27  
Call It What You Want 3:23  
New Year’s Day 3:55  



    By Mom 8-5-2
    Love you Taylor!!!!! Best album ever!!!!
  • Good

    By adeleon8489
    Good beat and catchy.
  • #Westandwithtaylor

    By Bl00862
    Go away scooter no one likes you
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    By olive ➕🍭eaquals 😍
    I love this album! I listen to these songs all the time 👍 My favorite is End Game! Good job! Cannot wait to hear your next album!
  • wow

    By wackjack143
    was not expecting this to be that GOOD
  • 😼

    By 🦄🦄 magic candy
    👍👍👍👍 I’m not much of a fan of TSwift, but I love this album.
  • What??

    By hermit crab mom
    Some of the titles of these songs are so weird! This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things? What the crap? I HATE Look What You Made Me Do.
  • The change of Taylor Swift

    By No more TV carriers
    I vowed not to listen to this album because it makes Taylor Swift sound trashy. she should have stayed with country music.
  • I’m Ready For It

    By Seewah04
    I love this dark edgy album and all its shade. Taylor Swift is no longer shaking it off as she comes at those who have done her wrong in full force and is not holding back (looking at you Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin Harris). I actually think it’s very refreshing that a young woman in that industry stands up for herself and makes her voice heard instead of staying silent and letting the Kanye Wests and Kim Kardashians of the world walk all over her. Kanye West never told Taylor he put the lyrics, “I made that b*tch famous” in his song, “Famous”, period. There is no way Taylor would’ve approved that and would’ve let Kanye West shadow her self-worth and accomplishments in the music industry by saying she got where she is because of him. This album needed to happen to address that in tracks like, “I Did Something Bad”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Call it What You Want”, and “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” She basically calls out Kanye and Kim for being back-stabbing snakes that lied and tarnished her reputation. On the brighter side, it’s also an album that’s on the theme of finding love when Taylor felt at her lowest and was going through her darkest time. “Call it What You Want” sums it all up. She let bad people into her life that ended up tarnishing her reputation but through it all she found true love that lifted her up and helped her realize what’s important. “I Did Something Bad” not only calls out Kanye and Kim, but also calls out everyone who did her wrong. She makes it known Tom Hiddleston is a playboy and Calvin Harris lied about her contribution in co-writing a song with him as he took all the credit. He can silence her on the song they co-wrote together but he will not silence her on this album. “Look What You Made Me Do” was the breakout single for this album. It’s definitely her Tim Burton of songs, in that it’s her darkest song to date. The playful repetitive chorus insinuating her haters made her do something bad and her declaration that the old Taylor is dead, makes it known she’s fed up and not going to take it anymore. The video was epic as she makes fun of herself in the form of past Taylors fighting with each other by saying the hurtful things people have said about her. One word: Genius. “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is a funny/creative way to clap back at Kanye. “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is something you’ve heard Mother’s say when their children break something in the house so in a way, she’s calling Kanye a child. She’s saying they can’t be friends because he keeps ruining their mended relationship time and again. Despite the angry lyrics, it’s actually an upbeat song and she even laughs on the track at the thought of forgiving him. Aside from the revenge tracks, my favorite songs were actually the ones about her budding romance with Joe Alwyn. I love “Delicate.” That is my all time favorite Taylor song. It talks about how delicate a new relationship is as she asks him if it’s ok that he’s in her head and if its too soon to have strong feelings. But she knows he likes her for her because he is with her at a time when her reputation is at its worst. The music video is also adorable and is Taylor being Taylor and dancing and doing all the things we would all do if we were invisible. “Getaway Car” is another great song (in my top 5 favorite Taylor Swift songs). I believe it to be about Tom Hiddleston. She met him when she was with Calvin Harris. She got with him as an accuse to leave Harris and he was ok with that, thus making him her getaway car. She refers to this scenario as a circus, not a love story, and inevitably knew she had to leave him in the end. She admits they both did wrong and apologizes on the track. The lyrics on this song are probably the best I’ve heard from her with the metaphor of Tom Hiddleston being her getaway car. Sonically it’s definitely a bop with a catchy chorus and kind of has an 80’s synth pop vibe to it. “Ready For It” is another one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs. She raps on the verses of this track and sings on the chorus. It sounds very different from her other songs and is so catchy. The production/bass is amazing on this song and is so fun to turn up in the car and rap along to. “Dress” is another stand out track for me as it is her sexiest track to date. You can feel the desire she has for Alwyn with lines like, “I bought this dress so you can take it off” and “Carve your name into my bed post. I don’t want you like a best friend.” In the chorus it sounds like she’s singing out in ecstasy over her newfound sexual awakening with Alwyn. “king of My Heart” is another cute song that’s hard not to get stuck in your head. This song really grew on me and became a favorite. The chorus is a lot of fun and talks about Alwyn being the king of her heart, body, and soul and how he rules the kingdom inside her room-you go Alwyn! She basically says he’s not like the other guys she’s dated that are all about image and superficiality. He’s simplistic and moves her in a way that nobody else has. “New Years Day” is a lovely piano song about being by your significant other’s side in good times and bad. A beautiful closure to Reputation as she met Alwyn when she was going through bad times and he stuck by her side. Now she’s promising to do the same and stick by his side in good and bad times. All in all, Reputation is probably my favorite Taylor Swift album as it has, shade, variety, strong lyrics, fun bops, beautiful ballads, and an Ed Shereen collaboration. Well done Taylor!
  • #westandwithtaylor

    By pewdiepie😄
    Commit snap on Scooter Braun

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