Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) - Lizzo

Cuz I Love You (Deluxe)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-04-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2019 Nice Life Recording Company and Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United Sta


Play Title Time Download
Cuz I Love You 2:59  
Like a Girl 3:04  
Juice 3:15  
Soulmate 2:55  
Jerome 3:51  
Crybaby 2:55  
Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott) 2:55  
Exactly How I Feel (feat. Gucc 2:23  
Better in Color 2:13  
Heaven Help Me 3:22  
Lingerie 3:21  
Boys 2:52  
Truth Hurts 2:53  
Water Me 3:05  


  • Overplayed, but totally okay.

    By FrissonHD
    I see a substantially large amount of hate comments towrards this album, but don't be fooled. Everyone has they're own opinions, and it's okay, but fat-shaming and critiquing someone's voice is highly inappropriate. I find this to be an enjoyable album, with deservable singles. To those who say her content is "garbage" and "way too overplayed on the radio", you don't have to listen to her! Change the station, turn it off. Don't critique with hate, please be mature.
  • ummm ok?

    By peppapigfordayzzz
    first of all let’s all agree that she is at least a little bit overweight... second she fricking yodels for a living and gets number one on the charts like?????????? how does that work?
  • Terrible

    By BrettP.
    Every time she sings it sounds like she’s whining. I don’t see why so many people like her music
  • ? What is this

    By poop doctor!
    I don’t know
  • Sympathy and Payola!

    By problemchildalex
    This girl y’all worship has to beg people to listen to her song . Bleached whale claims to be unproblematic but totally jabbed at iggy like that . So embarrassing, stop listening to this “ Body positive “ girl , Fat is not cute . You wanna be body positive hit the gym , Lizzo is not who you should looking up to when you get broken up with . Like what u gonna do ? Eat 10 big macs to relate to her ? Bye . Back to sea !!!
  • When so many people hate, it’s a sign you’re doing something right

    By CrazyCatGirl8888
    Lizzo has a powerful, soulful voice and these trolls need to find another target. But you’ll never break her. She doesn’t even read these. Y’all need to grow up.
  • Where the talent at ?!!

    By Semo19
    After listening to this I can surely say she got all the hype cuz of how she looks. Zero talent and her voice is annoying.
  • Ugh...

    By CrushinOnChristinaPerri
    I’m so sick of these songs, album & apparently her too. All summer long, I’ve been hearing nothing but Lizzie this, Lizzie that. What has she done so severe for the music culture? I will definitely give her props and the praise she deserves for even her saying, being a plus sized artist and being sexy about it. Yes, I will no doubt ever put her down on that, ever. She definitely broke the barrier with that. But, besides that, what else has she done? I’m really getting tired of hearing her songs all day long on the radio nonstop. Every station.. The local stations and all over my XM. Lizzo is this, Lizzo is that, she’s amazing she’s great, she’s this she’s that. What exactly is soooo great? What about all the other underrated artist who don’t get praise and radio play the way she does? It’s very upsetting and also.. Little bit pissing me off too. The first week of her songs FIRST time hearing them.. yeah, I was feeling them, listening to them.. BUT, now it’s over done and I seen lots of other comments agreeing with me cause now, she’s just doing any kind of music now, cause she has some thunder, to stay on top of the charts. Which is why she’s just remixing her songs that put her on top on the charts. So she can stay little longer... I know my opinions don’t matter. But, opinions are like buttholes... Everyone had one, and no one has to like mine.
  • Absolute crap

    By Alien 47
    Talentless garbage
  • Black beetles anyone?

    By C:M:O
    Seriously listen to the song black beetles that came out before this and then come talk to me about originality

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