Everyday Life - Coldplay

Everyday Life


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-11-22
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2019 Parlophone Records Limited a Warner Music Group Company.


Play Title Time Download
Sunrise 2:31  
Church 3:50  
Trouble In Town 4:38  
BrokEn 2:30  
Daddy 4:58  
WOTW / POTP 1:16  
Arabesque 5:40  
When I Need a Friend 2:35  
Guns 1:55  
Orphans 3:17  
Èkó 2:37  
Cry Cry Cry 2:47  
Old Friends 2:26  
بنی آدم 3:14  
Champion of the World 4:17  
Everyday Life 4:18  


  • Ghost Stories part 2

    By StaticFreeHorizon101
    Everyday Life fits together with Ghost Stories, and like it.....it lays flat on the ground. This will be my second EP that Coldplay will not earn, but maybe 1 song on my playlist. The energy is gone and the vocals are just monotone. I wanted badly to attend the next concert....chances are very good I won’t....because, what is Coldplay without energy.....just like any other average band. Guys, you know this is your wheelhouse, when you see the fans go wild and you feel it inside. This one wants the fans to cry....and they say ‘no more like this, please. How can this equal Head Full of Dreams?!?! It doesn’t and dies quietly with the vocals. Sorry, I “AM” a fan of the body of all your work, with exception the two EP titles I mention at the forefront. BRING BACK THE ENERGY.....PLEASE!!!!
  • Pure garbage as per usual

    By teasnuts
    Basically one good song on the entire album. Same as the previous 2-3 albums. These guys were brilliant years ago. Now they produce pure shi* and use their fame to sell albums.
  • The fall of the great Empire

    By BigOlHairyBear
    I have purchased all of their albums. Didn't even preview before buying their new Album. This album is Such a Self-Righteous PC poltical Garbage. People listen to music to escape Politics. We don't want an earful of propaganda either. And when he sings like he's part of the African American community?...Omg...Barf.
  • Complete Bust

    By MercinARES
    One of the worst albums I have ever heard. We get it Coldplay your worldly. We don’t need to hear how great y’all are and how much you care about things. These songs do nothing to promote or discourage any of there views. It’s just bad music! I hope y’all follow this up very quickly with something else as I would hate to be stuck with this album for another 3 years!
  • Bummer

    By Robo Spike
    I just purchased the song “Church” and was listening to another one he dropped the F bomb. I’m so done with this crap...they can have it. 👎🏽👎🏽Down
  • Underrated

    By Proyash9
    I was very surprised listening to some of the songs on this album, they were very different from past albums (except for a song like orphans which is very mainstream and like AHFOD). This album though, is unbelievable. I’m not a fan of some of the gospel songs like “BrokEn” and “When I Need a Friend” but the whole album has so many under rated songs. “Trouble in Town” is one of the songs that show the band’s true potential and that they haven’t lost it. I’m glad they are doing what they feel is right, and I’m also glad Guy Berryman wrote such good bass lines for these songs compared to AHFOD. He really shined on this album. I was little sad that Jonny didn’t have some epic guitar part for “Guns” though, that would’ve been an awesome guitar orchestra!
  • Coldplay always makes me cry.

    By SubColaFilms
    I love Coldplay songs threw and threw. The only thing I didn’t like was some of the cursing in a song, but the rest of the album is amazing!
  • Please fix the song titles on iphone!

    By crashkid1982
    On Mac all songs are displayed correct; on iphone all songtitles are sunrise or sunset. ☹️
  • Like it !!

    By mr.jackal
    This is the best album ever
  • Easily their best album in years

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    Wow. While some of the songs felt incomplete, and should have been longer, and some lyrical content was uneven and clunky... This album is great. The instrumental experimentation is the best part of it. A really cultural feel to it. Reminded me of the older Coldplay. Everyday Life is a pleasant surprise. Especially after their drop off in quality beginning with Mylo Xyloto back in 2011. Also Pretty sure most of the haters love garbage like Lil Pump and Cardi B