HONNE - Day 1 ◑ [ COVER ]

Angie N.

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So someone requested this song a long time ago and finally, here it is! I keep on having problems with keeping my tempo, guess I really should use a metronome while recording, my apologies. Anddd, I didn't do the bridge part simply just coz I couldn't figure out the chords HAHAHA I'M SORRY THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY Also, guess who just went to HONNE's live concert in BKK a few days ago and was also very lucky and was at the very front row and got to touch Andrew's hand, ME!! ( run on sentence be who cares HONNE WAS LIT but TBH I still like HONNE'S old album more.) Give your girl a sub and thumbs up if you liked this cover and stay tuned for more! :D I recommend you press the bell button thing so you don't miss anything when I upload ! Andddddddd...... I don't know what's wrong with my pinky it just...went like that unconsciously lol.