Laura Stevenson - Lay Back, Arms Out (Official Audio)

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Don't forget to subscribe for more great exclusive videos: Order: Lyrics: I’m a broken record Come wriggle out from underneath me Tied around the middle Not incorrupt and rotting out When you lift the lid I will be liquid all swimming in my skin There’s a sweetness to that Bullish you are when you said I’m colorful - like you’re trying to harm me, aren’t we now Foolish I was ever growing foolisher Sticking in the salt until you cottonmouth, you’re tired and you’re dried out Two lovers on other islands The charts of all the stars you read they make me feel illest at ease The teasing blink of a plane And now you cut it back and buds will form There’s flooding on the bottom floor Don’t go upstairs, it’ll trap you up there So lay back, arms out, all in, unfeeling I’ll keep my deep, pristine, unflinching cool Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: