Benny Goodman and his Orchestra - Bugle call Rag - 1936

Zefren Anderson

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There is something about Class- a amplifiers that just like to warm up the performance of Gene Krupa and his drums. Don't you agree? lol Ackk!!! even the official BMG verison that was remastered in 2001 is crap! it's Compressed to hell, and it uses a overtone syth to "restore high end sounds" I don't mess with a records Dymanic range because that is 50 % of the music's soul and the other 50% is eq. i don't try to push the levels outside of what would be considered "live" performaces just to show off. Keep it clean simple and don't add if it's not there. And as for record cleaning I've tweaked my method one cup Vinegar with 2 tablespoons dish washing detergent use only a few drops, enough to coat the record when suds-ed up with a horse hair brush, then wipe with a dry cloth, then use lighter fluid to rinse the remaining water off and lightly buff and play immediately and brush off any gunk the gets tracked out with a barber brush and voila done and clean record.