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Sorry I’ve been so ‘inactive' recently, you probably haven't really noticed as I think I have still uploaded once a week but not really the videos I would like to upload and there are a couple of reasons for this which I want to quickly talk about as I feel like I’ve been ignoring them a bit as I have been worried about offending people! This is going to be a bit of a rant so I’m sorry about that but I’ve really wanted to say this for so long! Firstly, and this is kind of irrelevant to my rant. I have actually been really busy as I have a list of things I wanted to do this summer and I am desperately trying to complete my list and so I haven’t actually had that much time to edit. It had also got to the point last year and earlier this year where I was uploading 2 videos a week because I felt I needed to to ‘be active’ and I lost the reason why I make these videos in the first place. At the end of the day as much as I love all your support and appreciate it so much I make these videos because I enjoy editing and I want to make videos I am proud of for me not even for anyone else but I’d lost that as I was just desperately trying to keep people happy and upload as much as I could and it has just meant that there are so many videos on my channel now that I am not happy with and I don’t think at all show what I can do. And I think this pressure comes from all social media platforms recently that wherever I look there are constantly people begging me to 'be active’ which is a term I hate! Whether it is asking me to like or comment on there posts or videos or just upload more and post more myself to keep contributing to the community! I have felt so much pressure on myself and to make videos and it’s actually put me off so much as I wasn’t making them for myself I was just throwing something together pointlessly. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people saying to me or more commonly groups of people ‘be more active’ and it genuinely annoys me because you don’t know what is going on in other peoples lives and funnily enough the world isn’t solely made up of social media there is actually a real world out there and some people actually have stuff to do and it genuinely makes me so upset that I feel people put so much pressure on each other to ‘be active’ when for some people it really isn’t possible. People have become so obsessed with likes and comments that they have forgotten to enjoy themselves and all people care about is how many likes they can get and I just don’t understand how asking for likes makes you feel better about yourself! If nobody watched this video or liked and commented then that’s cool because I made it for me and I think if more people posted on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube for themselves and not for likes there wouldn’t be less people demanding I like there posts on a daily basis. Anyway I’m sorry but I had to say all that because I needed to explain how I feel and basically say if you have to ask me to ‘be active’ on your posts and videos them I’m probably not going to and from now on I am going to upload videos I am proud of and really excited to share with you as apposed to something I threw together in 5 mins to ‘be active’! Sorry if I’m offending anyone but it’s the one thing that is irritating me so much right now. Rant over and on a brighter note I’m going on holiday to see my favourite dartmoor pony soon!! And I am actually really happy with this video and I have another one I am equally proud of going up next week while I am away :) Massive well done to anyone who read the whole thing and I am very sorry I just rambled for ages but it’s been on my mind for so long! Also on another random note I am absolutely obsessed with George Ezra right now his whole album is just insane!! Sophie x Sponsored by Cavallina Browbands who make my beautiful browbands: https://www.facebook.com/Cavallina.Browbands/ https://www.instagram.com/cavallina_browbands/?hl=en Go check out their Facebook and use my unique discount code ‘Roger10’ to get 10% off when ordering! Audio: 'Only a human' by George Ezra Editing software: Final Cut Pro X Camera: Canon 70D, iPhone 7 Lens: Canon EFS 18-135mm or Canon EFS 70-200mm Ponies: Mouse-12.2hh 8yo bay mare I have been exercising for 5 years Freckles- 17.1hh 13yo grey gelding who I exercised for 2 years before he was pts in June. Roger- 14hh 14yo piebald gelding who I have loaned for 3 and a half years. Gladys- 14.3hh 6yo grey connemara mare who I exercised for a year but is currently out of work due to injury. Molly- 14.1hh 19yo bay mare who I exercised for two years before she was sold in November 2016 and then sadly passed away a year ago. Sam- 13hh 12yo grey welsh sec b who I used to ride in lessons. Casper- 13.3hh 5yo appaloosa roan who I rode a few times last year. Dolly- 14.1hh 9yo bay mare who belongs to my friend and I rode her for her while she was injured last year. My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/st_equestrian/