deltarune lofi [lo-fi you can chill to]

lo-fi shots

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So this is probably the best mix iv'e put together yet. I'm honestly really proud of it. I hope you enjoy! (ik the title says deltarune lo-fi but it has undertale in too, i just didn't want the title to be long) Credit to the creators 0:00 Hipshop- Dj cutman 4:30 Chillbuster- nyxtheshield 9:11 legend- nyxtheshield 12:41 Friendship- Dj Cutman 15:20 Dogcheck- Thirdswane 20:45 Last goodbye- NickNitro 22:58 His theme- Kaatu Waves Artist of drawing: starimation ___________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video please leave a like, every one of them counts. I'm trying to get myself out there in the world, you know? If you want to help, you could share this video, if you want to :)) Follow my Instagram if you want links to creators