The Sad Truth Of Halsey's Personal Struggle


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Halsey Exposes G-Eazy Cheating In Music And How She Feels. Subscribe to our channel: While some celebrities prefer to keep their lives as private as possible, Halsey is known for being an open book. She’s been through many turbulent times in her life, including her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, and her battle with endometriosis. We’ll talk about her difficult childhood, and how Halsey ended up living on the streets before hitting it big. Her relationship with G-Eazy was in the spotlight for awhile, but she ended up writing “Without Me” about their breakup. We’ll talk about the sometimes sad but often inspiring life of Halsey, and just what upset people about her performance on The Voice. What do you think of Halsey? Do you think she should keep her personal life private, or does it add to your enjoyment of her music? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and then click subscribe for more videos from TheTalko. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: