shawn mendes concert vlog + vip experience

Ally Guerra

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alexa play if i cant have you by shawn mendes music & background credits: intro music: background music used: outtro: hi i’m ally & i post new videos every sunday 🦋💫🍒🌻⭐️🌈 sub count: 1,469 FAQ: what camera do i use? canon t5i & sony alpha 1500 (vlogging) what do i use to edit? final cut pro x (all videos after 12/25/18) how old am i & what grade am i in? 16 & 11th grade what do i use to make my thumbnails? picmonkey where do i live? california how tall are you? 5’9 SOCIALS : twitter: @allyguerra02 instagram: @allyguerra_ BUSINESS ONLY : subject ALWAYSALLY02 thank you for watching and i hope you stick around 💛