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Techno mix of my favorite tracks I made with Mixmeister. Not perfect, but if you like tempo and nice kicks it will keep you going in the gym for sure! Tracklist: Johannes Heil - Chains of babylon Jusaï - Hawk Fraulein Z - Zug nach Herr Zimmerman - The Horrorist remix Nonoftheavone - Nigaud Ansome - Dragons Dynamite (Perc Remix) Terence Fixmer - She Said Destroy Charles Fenckler - Frozen Room Syncom Data - Rumpukone (feat. Saara Soini Vocal) JKS - Endless Power Cycle - Fabrizio Lapiana - Antimatter Soj - Astronomia Geometrica Mayeul - Dysfunctional System Incident Prism - Murmur Final Thomas P. Heckmann - Himmel Hoelle