iPhone XS, One Year Later - Review (Was it worth buying?)


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The iPhone XS is already a year old, and I’ve had it since launch. Let’s re-review it, and talk not just about the phone and its specs but more about the experience and how well it’s performed over the past year. The Death of the iPhone XS: https://youtu.be/0cfLxNE4tCI Switching to Android: https://youtu.be/_UrOE3mMEEQ My first review of the XS: https://youtu.be/UkvJCLUYMh0 iPhone Buying Guide: https://youtu.be/0SqiWhYqJYo Follow me @91_Tech! Or don't. But please do Insta: https://www.instagram.com/91_tech/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/91_Tech Rhinoshield bumper case: https://amzn.to/32Ccxyi Music: Miami Nights 1984 - Accelerated (intro music) https://youtu.be/rDBbaGCCIhk HOME - Tides https://youtu.be/GOQEOkPsdcM HOME - Native https://youtu.be/tm_7tG9m-oc HOME - Decay https://youtu.be/N2SW_MWBa6w A-GON - Simplicity (outro music) https://youtu.be/_oxXgfyBTFk #iPhone #Apple