Tool-Forty Six & 2 Drum Cover-Johnkew


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Description I really enjoyed learning this one, and took my time with it. Learning a Danny Carey arrangement is always so humbling, and it's always a wonderful journey. He is such an incredible writer - I never realize how intricate the song is until I sit down to learn it. To me that's the beauty of his and Tool's work: it sounds great on the first listen without really knowing what you're listening to, and then when you peel back the layers, you see how much effort went into the song. The dynamics in this song are incredible, from the softest cymbal bell rhythms to playing as loud and as fast as you can with both hands and both feet. I've probably listened to this song a hundred times and it still give me chills at the end. And to play it on the drums is a feeling I can't even describe. Enough of my rambling :D I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and if you like this, please share with your friends! Recorded on Gretsch Catalina and Renown maple drums, Pearl 14" x 6.5" Free Floating Maple Snare, Evans EMAD bass drum head Evans EC2 batter drum heads Evans G1 resonant drum heads, Sabian Paragon cymbals (16, 18, 20-inch crashes; 19 China; 22 ride), Paiste Novo 20-inch China, Paiste hats and 8-inch dark energy splash, Sabian 10 inch paragon splash, DW 9000 double pedal, DW 3000 hi hat stand Orange County drum throne, Pro Mark 747 sticks, Apex 435 overhead mics, Audix D-series mics on toms, Audix i5 and Shure SM57 mic on snare, M-Audio Profire 2626 interfarce, Logic Express 9, Canon T2i, Canon Vixia HF M40, GoPro HD Hero 2, and iPhone cameras, Shure SE315-CL in-ear monitors.