S.E.T. - #68 Naka Bares His Fangs (02/16/19 Live Stream)

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0:00 Introduction Luigi's Ballad - Starbomb Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/subwufferentertainmenttreehouse Music – Krüz Hozier - Wasteland, Baby! (5:59) - https://youtu.be/Iq5gesj6kmw Looks like it’s time to go to church. Well, it’s actually time to go to the Wasteland. I’ll commend Hozier for firstly for being Irish and secondly for making music (or at least one song) that doesn’t make me want to die. Album dropping March 1st. Weezer - Weezer (9:58) - https://youtu.be/UV5F3vcQyrY When one mentions the “Black Album,” they usually mean Metallica’s self-titled album. Weezer is doing the same, having their self-titled album be a “black album.” It’s also not their only self-titled album, it’s their sixth. Bryan Adams - Shine a Light (13:17) - https://youtu.be/h7JmInA5n_s Canadian rock artist Bryan Adams is back a half century after the Summer of 69 for Shine a Light, coming out February 22. Rock Goddess - This Time (15:40) - https://youtu.be/KbE4H8_vyuU This is a new one to me. All-female English heavy metal band. They’re solid. I don’t think this song is from the new album, but it’s from a year ago. They seems to sound more like hard rock (a la Airbourne) but it’s damn good. Album releasing February 22 Dream Theater - Distance over Time (20:22)- https://youtu.be/JFxH4kky6z4 Admittedly, I’ve almost only listened to this band’s Iron Maiden covers up to now. This is gonna be a studio album, and it’s coming your way February 22. Overkill - The Wings of War (23:03) - https://youtu.be/zniDdYOLYt0 On February 22, get ready to dance with the angels on the head of a pin! To say Overkill is “back” would be like saying you jumped right back into the mosh pit, basically back after no time at all. It feels that way, at least. Video Games - Naka Nintendo Direct Feb 2019 (28:39) - https://youtu.be/SCME2yPJKWk Dirt Rally 2.0 (1:01:10) - https://youtu.be/qUo2jn2z514 Trials Rising (1:03:35) - https://youtu.be/vEeWlBAZCD8 Steins;Gate Elite (1:06:36) - https://youtu.be/0y_21kBArcE Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram (1:09:08) - https://youtu.be/IH18z1SSN2U ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove (1:11:54) - https://youtu.be/4rPHMw5F-GU Anthem (1:13:56) - https://youtu.be/DPf-EATqFng Movies - Scarfy Academy Unveils the 4 Oscar Categories to Be Presented During Commercial Breaks (1:18:59) - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/academy-unveils-4-oscars-categories-be-presented-commercial-breaks-1185505 The weeks ahead: Tyler Perry’s: A Madea Family Funeral (1:25:02) - https://youtu.be/RaA9elSYnpQ How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (1:29:19) - https://youtu.be/CYe7oMmCFr0 Coming attractions (1:38:06): The Hustle - https://youtu.be/Of52MNnXoxU Long Shot - https://youtu.be/S5jiaHvx-kY Ma - https://youtu.be/dvpKRSHIkzM Aladdin (2019) - https://youtu.be/7hHECMVOq7g Yesterday - https://youtu.be/6uqvgPm8U4c Tolkien - https://youtu.be/Girzu81oS8Q Frozen II - https://youtu.be/eSLe4HuKuK0