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My brief review of Hamilton the Musical's Cast Recording. Don't forget to Comment and Subscribe! (SHOW MORE) ==================== REVIEW (QUICK): HAMILTON: THE MUSICAL - OFFICIAL CAST RECORDING It's been getting a lot of attention and praise lately. Is there any truth to the hype? In this video, I share my thoughts on Hamilton: The Musical, following my own Reviewing Template! This is a Quick Review, which means it's been edited down a lot! There's quite a few visuals I was able to add, but the majority of my thoughts are not in this video. For a longer review, check out my Extended Review for Hamilton at this link: For an overview of the different kind of reviews I do, check out the video here: ==================== From reviews, to workshops, to narrative exercises, here at ABNarrative we discuss anything and everything storytelling! For new content coming soon, subscribe here: THANKS FOR WATCHING!