SoaR Rxqe | 'Into The Fire' - A PC Multi-CoD Minitage

SoaR Rxqe

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First ever edit (2018, imagine) - hope you all enjoy! Attempted syncing shots, gun sounds, slight colour correction. Nothing serious, feel free to leave constructive criticism :) No Copyright Intended - "Into The Fire" by Asking Alexandria (Acoustic) belongs to Sumerian Records, Asking Alexandria, and all other associates. Thank you for watching! Hope you all enjoy the video! :D My Discord!: My Patreon!: *Answers to common FAQs are below* Stay Connected!: Steam Group!: Steam: Rxqe - FL is currently full though Twitter: - @SoaRRxqe Twitch: Instagram: m.duncan27 Snapchat: mduncz *I don't post very often to IG or Snap but follow/add if you want! :D FAQ 1 - "Why is your game in a different language?" A: I put certain games, primarily CoDs, in different languages because I think it's cool. That's literally it lol FAQ 2 - "PC Specs?" A: Processor - Ryzen 5 1600. Graphics Card - MSI GTX 1060 6GB. Motherboard - ASRock AB350 Pro4. Monitor - Dell S2415H. Mouse - HAVIT 2800DPI AVAGO 5050 Full Spec List: FAQ 3 - What do you use to record? A: Dxtory/Shadowplay/OBS