Knocked Loose "Belleville"

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CD/Vinyl/Merch: iTunes: Spotify: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: "Belleville" lyrics Make me feel I need you to make me feel Grasping towards the sun  To reach the light of day  I’ve fallen in the dark  Afraid I’ll have to stay  And now I’m faced with  Ultimate despair  I need you to make me feel To make me fucking care  I’m growing numb  Eroded soul A twisted knife Weathered by The Pain of life Overthink And doubt it all I’ve lost my wings Afraid to fall And everyday I’m growing numb I can’t  I’m growing numb  Can’t feel  I’m growing numb  I can’t feel a thing  The heavens  Cry tears of fire  The heavens  Have denied my way  If this is the end Then take from me what you will A hollow vessel With no blood left to spill I’ll hide from the spotlight  I will stay in the dark  Pain cannot finish  If pain never starts  I need you to make me feel