Knocked Loose: A Different Shade of Blue -- album review

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This is the official J Morris the Review Guy album review for the second studio length album by Kentucky hardcore punk / metalcore band Knocked Loose, entitled A Different Shade of Blue! Album type: Hardcore punk, metalcore, heavy hardcore. Following their 2016 debut album Laugh Tracks, Knocked Loose returns with a record that's gotten some considerable acclaim. A Different Shade of Blue, released on Pure Noise, like their first album, features a ferocious hardcore punk sound with metallic tendencies. Their Metalcore breakdowns make logical sense much of the time, featuring progressions and vocal lines that easily add to them. Bryan Garris' high-pitched, screamo-esque (more hardcore punk than anything, of course) vocals are absolutely rip-roaring. The frazzled out guitars recall mathcore. The drums are so destructive. The production is great, too! With A Different Shade of Blue, Knocked Loose without a doubt, easily claims one of my favorite metalcore / hardcore punk albums of the year thus far. This album is available now on Pure Noise Records! My favorite songs on this album are: Belleville - Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory - A Serpent's Touch (Featuring Emma Boster) - By the Grave - In the Walls - Guided by the Moon - Mistakes Like Fractures - Forget Your Name (Featuring Keith Buckley) - Misguided Son. My least favorite songs on this album are: Road 23 - Denied by Fate. Help J Morris the Review Guy reach 3,000 subscribers! This is an independent project based on passionate, consistently uploaded, high quality music reviews! I’d love to have you in the Review Family! Click the link below to be directed to a link to subscribe to the channel! Check out more J Morris the Review Guy heavy metal / rock album reviews: Check out more J Morris the Review Guy album reviews in general! Join the J Morris the Review Guy Discord server! Follow my twitter, if it please you! 8/10! #KnockedLoose #ADifferentShadeofBlue #AlbumReview