KNOCKED LOOSE | Mistakes Like Fractures | Guitar // Drum Cover ft. Aaron Smith

Islam Falmi

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Glad to have Aaron on board for a cover off this heavy ass record. Stay tuned for more collab covers! Follow Aaron for the best Youtube drum covers on the planet: Guitar tones are brought to you by STL Tonality: Will Putney's "A Different Shade of Blue" album preset tone. I didn’t do much to the preset if I remembered correctly. For the fuzz/hm2-ish tone towards the end(I believe the original tone was achieved with a Swollen Pickle), I stayed on the same preset, except I switched to Cab 4, messed with more extreme settings on the plugin’s built-in distortion pedal and fiddled with the built-in EQ. Didn’t have to do much cos it was already blending in with the original song, as opposed to my other STL Tonality Will Putney demos where I had to do a pretty good amount of processing to get as close to their original tones as possible. GET ON THE HYPETRAIN: Let’s collab. I’m a DM/email away. Instagram: Email: [email protected] This song belongs to its rightful copyright owners. I do not own the music on this video. #knockedloose #adifferentshadeofblue #cover