Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita | cover by suggi


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#señorita #shawnmendes #camilacabello #suggi hi huggies 🧡🧡 my album is going to be out in 2days!! (July 9th!) which is also my birthday!! so as a birthday gift....will yall listen to my album? :D but also! draw me a fan art of me and Park Jihoon (of WannaOne) together for my birthday and I'll post them on my instagram :DDDD until my album drops,,,, see you then! 🌸check out my new single "fuck u, goodluck." : 🌸subscribe to suggi's Artist Channel : 🌸my discord server & talk to me! : ---------------------------------- SOCIALS: ✨TWITTER: ✨FACEBOOK: ✨INSTAGRAM: ✨DISCORD: OTHER MUSIC PLATFORMS: ✨SOUNDCLOUD: ✨SPOTIFY: ✨OFFICIAL ARTIST CHANNEL: --------FAQ'S--------- ❓ WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSTRUMENTALS? - i make my own!! i play them guitars, piano and drums and voila, instrumental :) i'm very interested in producing + mixing, so i guess what makes my cover channel special is my entire production itself not just my voice :D ❓ WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - i am south korean, but i was raised in Canada! i'm currently still living in canada + i haven't been to korea in over 16 years now lol ❓ HOW OLD ARE YOU? - i am 20 currently, born 1998, july 9th to be exact ❓ WHY DON'T YOU DEBUT? - i tried lmao stop